The Trip South

Part 2


Sunday, September 17, 2006.

Today was our longest day so far, 358 miles. We also got our earliest-ever start, 8:10 a.m., and I have no reason for that. Except for maybe we were just wanting to get somewhere WARM.

Yesterday was so miserable (weatherwise; in the 30's all day and very cloudy and windry) that we just set up the rig, put up the satellite dishes, and surfed the Internet and caught up on e-mail. It was a "clean out the refrigerator" night and left-overs never tasted better! The dogs, for some reason, had cabin fever and needed to be walked in spite of the wind and cold. Dave took them, wearing the winter-jacket he bought at Three Dog Down in Poulson, MT (, an AWESOME store. We bought all kinds of stuff: coats, a comforter, bed sheets, a little sheepskin rug for in front of the fireplace.... they have stuff you will find no where else for the price. No wonder the sign that greets you at the door is "Sorry, we're open."

We assumed the nav queen (nav system) would route us through Denver via I-25 and then east on I-70. Surprisingly she directed us to go east on I-80 in Cheyenne. Doesn't matter to us; we're just enjoying the new scenery.

At the Welcome Center Dave picked up a magazine that listed campgrounds and this is how we ended up at a Cabela's (Outdoor World's competitor) campground in Sidney, Nebraska. I guess they figure you are very likely to go shopping, which we did. The temperature at 6:15 p.m. is a very comfortable 60 degrees, though the wind is blowing very stiffly out of the west at 30-35 knots. Pulling the rig, the tailwind enables us to average 13 mph.

Today’s stats:

Miles driven today: 358

Expenses: Fuel - $114.78. Campsite: $24.08. Lunch (Subway) $13.50. Total: $152.36

September 18, 2006

We saw the sun almost all day today; what a joy. Driving east along I-80 in Nebraska is sort of like driving along I-70 in Kansas, but it's greener and much prettier. Many more trees.

We had our earliest departure yet: 8:10 a.m. It was 46 degrees when we left Sidney, NE and when we stopped for the night (Geneva, NE, along Nebraska Rt. 81, heading south to Kansas) it was a balmy 58. The wind is still blowing stiffly out of the west, but Victor had shed his sweater in favor of his St. Louis Cardinals jersey, so even he is getting warmer. We're averaging 13.5 miles per gallon.

As most of you know, we are HUGE Cardinal fans and (as usual, tee hee) they are poised for post-season play. I really, really hope that we can see a game at the new Busch stadium before the end of the regular season.

Tomorrow's destination is Harrah's, just north of Topeka, KS where Dave's mom lives. We'll be there for a few days. There probably won't be a whole lot of news to report. When there is, we'll send it.

Let us hear what's new with YOU!!!

Take care. By the way, attached are two photos: one of the snow we were driving thru on Saturday; the other of our dogs, Jim and Victor

Victor and Jim

Cardinals Fans - Victor and Jim