Editor's Note: In all of my years designing websites, this is the most difficult page I've ever created. Jim was my 2nd Best Friend (after Maria, of course) and had been with us for over 8 years. He traveled with us for 3 years on the Unsinkable Legend Tour, posing for cameras and greeting parents and kids in nearly every state in the union.He loved living on the trawler although he never felt comfortable doing his business on the deck. After Katrina, we lived in our truck camper and then a FEMA trailer. He kept the looters at bay. He traveled the highways once again in our RV, always rolling with the punches...trying to find a bush or a patch of grass in places like Pahrump, NV or avoiding the alligators in Abita Springs, LA. He was always one to lay at my feet or put his head in my lap if I needed cheering up. He was the best dog I ever had. -Dave

Jim Russell
?/?/1999 - 5/7/2007
JIm's last boat ride at Crab Orchard Lake

Our beloved dog, Jim, passed away unexpectedly this afternoon.
He was found wandering in Belle Glade, Florida and we rescued him in January, 2000.

Jim was a terrific dog with a personality more humanlike than canine.
His favorite activities were long walks, boat rides, and car rides.

He adapted more easily to changing circumstances than most people.
He lived in a house. He lived on a boat. He lived in hotel rooms on the Unsinkable Legend Tour.
He lived in a Fema trailer for nine months, and finally in an RV.
How he loved to travel!

Jim leaves behind his grieving family: Dad Dave, Mom Maria, human siblings Kate & DJ, and furry brother Victor.
We miss him so much.

Maria & Dave